Steel bending machine operating specifications First, the mechanical installation must pay attention to the body should be safe ground, the power does not allow direct access to the button, you should install another steel switch control power. Second, check the parts are complete before use, hzs120 cement mixer plant with 120m3/h capacity on sale whether the selected gear and the engine speed conform bending rebar diameter. Roller backlash is appropriate. Fixed iron wedge for tightness. And to check whether the steering wheel and inverted switch in the same direction. Grease filling in accordance with regulations. Check the insulation of electrical equipment grounding wire without damage, loose. And after commissioning that passing the operation. Third, the operation should be required to bend one end of the bars in the gap turntable stable fixed hoe, and the other end is fixed hoe against the body, with one hand pressed, we must pay attention to the body hoe really safe in a file live steel side, before starting the machine. Fourth, the replacement of fixed hoe turntable, should be replaced after the operation is stopped. Five non-bent beyond a predetermined mechanical designer bar diameter and lifting crane hook with rigging. Such as bending without cold-drawn steel or leather with rust, you must take good goggles. Bending low alloy js750 twin shaft concrete mixer construction mixer steel and other non-ordinary steel, mechanical designer should be specified in terms of the maximum limit diameter. Six speed gear is installed according to the following provisions: 1, the diameter of 18 mm or less in ordinary steel can be installed quickly gear. 2, the diameter of available gear at 18 to 24 mm. 3, diameter of 25 mm or more must use slow gear. Seven, when the turntable backward, turning the former must stop, Fang Xu reversed. When the toggle switch must be stopped in the middle of the file on the waiting parking stalls shall immediately dial in the opposite direction. Operation found chuck fibrillation, electrical heating exceeds designer provisions should be off immediately shut down for maintenance. Eight rotating radius bend steel, and the body does not have a fixed hoe uncertainty to stand. Semi-finished products should be stacked neatly bent, hook generally not upturned. Nine, long curved reinforced steel should be someone 2015 reliable quality cement concrete pumping mixer helping, helping staff retreat should the operator command gesture, one shall be arbitrarily push. Ten, the work should be completed in the workplace and the body cleaned, sewn pit rust buildup apply manual blower (Paper Tiger) blown off with your fingers to pull the digging is prohibited.